Mentor Update

What do I need to do?

This workshop is designed as an alternative to the two-hour, face-to-face workshop currently available within most partner Trusts in the pan-Manchester area.

Your workshop is based on core information and constituent themes of good supervision/mentorship in practice; it will help support you in this role.


A key principle within the workshop is enabling you to reflect on your educator/mentor role and to use the prompts/activities and additional resources to help move your practice forward. These will also be useful as a basis for discussion with your colleagues.

Four ‘thought points’

You will see four clearly defined ’thought points’ in which you are asked to consider what you have read for your own practice and discuss with your colleagues.

Six activities

There are six specific activities in which you are asked to listen to audio recordings related to various roles that support you and students in practice; there are links to related resources. You are asked to consider how useful this information is and how you would apply / utilise it within your own practice and as a discussion point with your colleagues.

Activity 5 asks you to think about the evidence that you would use to support the statements related to the 8 domains within the NMC (2008) standards. You will need to select three domains and provide in-depth evidence of how you meet the objectives for this year using the document template provided; you should consider all eight as discussion points with your colleagues.

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